Thanks to everyone that came out last night at Charlie's Bar & Grill in Olympia! It sounded like a good time was had by all! Big thanks to Dave from XTRM Promotions for treating us right! Next stop Tacoma, anyone?

In other news, if you haven't been out to see us yet, as of right now, this Thursday night at Sabala's in Portland is going to be yr last chance for awhile. We are going to be recording an EP slated for a February '06 release followed by a 3 week tour of the states. Come on out and rock it with us and Charlie Drown from Seattle!


NEW SHOW ADDED! devilspit will be playing Charlie's Bar & Grill in Olympia, WA on Monday, November 14th! Thanks to Dave at XTRM Promotions for hooking us up! Check the shows page for details.


Hey, we just added a new Merch page so that you can buy devilspit stuff online. Payments are through PayPal and go through a secure connection so you know yr safe putting yr info in online! We've got our new stickers and of course devilspit shirts! Check it out!

We also wanted to thank everyone that came out to the Ohm last night to support us! A big thanks to Charlie Drown for coming in from Seattle as well as our friends Railer! We had a blast! Thanks also to Phoenix the fire dancer for the between band HOT entertainment! If anybody has ANY pictures from the show last night, please let us know thru our Contact page. We had some "camera issues".


There's only one Halloween party in town worth going to this year! This Sunday at the Ohm in downtown Portland (31 NW 1st) for the Halloween Freaker's Ball! Charlie Drown is back in town with a vengeance! If you missed 'em at Rock 'n' Roll Pizza, now's yer chance! Also joining devilspit for this show is Railer! There will be a "sexy" costume contest with prizes and fire dancing by Phoenix! The party starts at 9pm and is $7 w/ costume, $10 without. See you there!


Thanks to everyone that came out to the show last night at Rock N Roll Pizza! Thanks to Grandeurs of Delusion and Atypical Theme for warming things up and especially Charlie Drown (Charlie, Donnie, the rest of the CD crew, Michael (did that Pabst taste a little funky?)). What a GREAT show! If you missed it, you missed out! Be sure to check them out at Charlie Drown. Thanks also to Six and the Rock N Roll Pizza crew for treating us right! Shout out to the under 21 crowd for rocking out right up front. We'll see you at the Hawthorne Theatre on October 13th!


New show added! devilspit will be playing with Charlie Drown, Grandeurs of Delusion, Atypical Theme and Soulborne at Rock N Roll Pizza in Portland, OR on Saturday, October 1st. See the shows page for details. If you haven't seen Charlie Drown yet, you DO NOT want to miss this show! Hell! You can even buy tickets online for the show! Tickets come with a coupon for $2 off when you spend $4 and you can also win prizes during drawings in between bands! All this and it's the same price you'd pay to walk in the door the night of the show!

When it rains, it fucking pours! Another show just added. devilspit, Lerker, The Culprits, & One Dirty Hand at The Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, OR. See the shows page for details.


Thanks to everybody that came out to the Ohm for Fran Fest 2005! We had a blast!


Thanks to Lerker and The Portsmouth Club, PDX for having us out! We're looking forward to the next one!


And on the 27th day, there was devilspit! Come see devilspit at the Ash Street Saloon in Portland, OR on Tuesday, September 27th! This is an early show that starts at 9:15 with Busholini and The Odditors. This is a FREE, FREE, FREE show with great drink specials! See the shows page for details. Come get yer sludge on!